Happy Canada Day !!!!!!

Being Canadian is a big deal these days, just go anywhere in the world, tell people you are Canadian and it’s all smiles. Our great land has every wonder, every amazement, every kind of people and every tasty food offering. So from Quebec I made a tourtiere, from Nova Scotia I made lobster roll, for breakfast I made peameal bacon from Toronto and french toast with maple syrup that the Indigenous people taught us how to collect. Then I made Nanaimo Bars…. well from Nanaimo ! So keeping with the Canada theme for breakfast I had 2 cups of fresh ground coffee from Pistol and Burnes, Delta BC, for lunch I had a couple glasses of Grey Monk Chardonnay and finally dinner I had a wonderful glass of Grey Monk Pinot Noir from BC ! Do enjoy Canada Day !!!!


Mothers Day

Love to all the moms out there and have a wonderful Mothers Day ! I made my mom lox and spinach Eggs Benedict with a side of fresh and frozen berries and to top it of a bright and bubbly Spanish Cava Villa Conchi so sophisticated lol! Hugs and kisses! #debonfare

Mexico September 16 and Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, (May 5 1862) the day the Mexican army won their battle against the French Empire at Puebla. September 16th was and is Mexico’s Independence Day from the Spaniards, celebrations really begin on the 15th. At 11 pm on the 15th of September the President of Mexico rings the bells at the National Palace in Mexico City and recites Miguel Hidalgo’s speech first given in 1810 to rally the people to war, Spain lost ! All’s well that ends well. Chiles en Nogada with wine from Spain, (I know) Solaz Bodegas Osborne, then party like doesn’t matter ¡Salud!

July 1 Canada day !


July 1 is months away, I know but……

I have lived in Canada for all of my life, I have eaten everything from bannock to moose to dulse to smoked meats and loads of seafood, for the life of me I can’t put my finger on what 1 meal is Canadian , so I decided to have one standout recipe from each Province and Territory and post all that I pick and give you credit. (I like to have recipes for 4) but I will adjust for my needs.

I will also need the best wine from your Province or Territory

 If you have any suggestions or know someone who would like to contribute please please please write your ideas on my blog on the Contact Page. #debonfare @debfayant debonfare.ca  @fayantdeborah

             Thank You Thank You Thank You        Deborah



Asmara is the capital city of Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa. The city has an Italian Cathedral, art deco cinemas and a futuristic airplane-shaped Fiat service station, Wow so eclectic ! Eritrea has the Tokyo Imperial Palace for the Japanese Emperor and was used in the Shogun age. Remarkable. Eritrea has a archipelago that  consists of two large and 124 small islands and the pearl fisheries have been famous since Roman times and still produce a substantial number of  pearls world wide. Berbere on snapper with a glass of Riesling from Thorny Vines Vineyards are best enjoyed dreaming of pearl diving, try mine and   T’Chen Chen !! #debonfare #debfayant