Exotic flavors, wonderful aromas and beautiful plates all things I love. What I love most is to pair my dinners with wine, beer or the favorite drink of a country. I also love hearing something about the country on their special day, so I decided to pair recipes with their national drink and the wines I love. I thought you would like to know about their National Holiday’s as well. I hope you enjoy these recipes and the lesson. Bon Appetit !! 


Wine Wine Wine



I am no expert on wine pairings, but I know what I like to drink with my food. My choices of wine with each recipe is just my opinion and I would appreciate  any and all suggestions you may have. Some of my favorite wines are not that common, but are gaining favor like Zinfandel from the U.S., Viognier from France, Rioja from Spain and Dao  from Portugal all different and excellent in their own right. I also love a light Gruner Veltliner from Austria and golden lemony schnitzel and the boldness of Malbec from Argentina with a charred bbq steak . Merlot and Chardonnay which are common wines most have tried are equally tasty, did you know that Pinot Noir goes well with seared tuna ? Try some bubbly for dinner as well, like Cava, Procceco or a Sparkling Blush wine also a great Riesling goes well with spicy Asian foods. So try my recipes and enjoy with a great glass of wine !!! 


Essential Spices



Without spices mains are boring, bland and void of any flavor. Just the smell of different spices makes me hungry and I can’t wait to taste.Try stocking your pantry with some basics. I am in love with spices from North Africa, South Africa and India here are some that compliment my recipes and yours as well ! 

  1. Cumin                                   

  2. Tumeric

  3. Cardamom

  4. Saffron

  5. Cinnamon

  6. Cloves

  7. Garam masala

  8. Curry

  9. Paprika

  10. Coriander

  11. Smoked Paprika



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