Samoa June 1

 Independence Day

On January 1 1962, Western Samoa achieved its independence from New Zealand. Nevertheless, this day is observed on June 1 and is still acknowledged by the Samoan society in New Zealand. These people deck themselves up for the event and take part in various cultural and musical programs.

Oka Popo

Serves 4


1.1 pound of white fish cubed or small scallops
2.¼ cup  lemon
3.¼ cup lime
4.¼ cup of diced shallots
5.2 small diced tomatoes
6.1 small english cucumber diced
7.1 cup of coconut milk
8.1 tablespoon of cilantro


In a medium bowl put
cubed fish or scallops in a bowl add lemon and
lime juice cover and put in fridge for 15 to 45 ( remember acid cooks
the fish) Meanwhile put all vegetables in a large bowl drain fish and
add to vegetable mixture then add coconut milk mix and put in fridge
Served chilled with a slice of lime.
Try this:

Vailima beer or Nice light Rose’           Manuia!!