Independence Day Namibia

Until World War I, Namibia was a German colony under the name “German South West Africa”. In 1919 it was declared a mandate territory of the South African Nations. After World War II, although the mandate was not renewed by the United Nations, Namibia remained illegitimately the “Fifth Province” of the South African Republic. A long and bloody independence struggle followed, which, at the same time, was a combat against the apartheid (segregation) systems introduced by South Africa. Finally, in 1990 Sam Nujoma was sworn is as the first President of Namibia, and Namibia was able to set out in its path as a newly independent, democratic state.


Serves 4


•2 Tablespoon oil

•2 pounds of lamb or mutton cut into slices

•2 onions chopped

•½ pound small carrots

•½ pound new potatoes (small)

•2 tablespoon curry powder

•1 tablespoon each garlic powder, tumeric and grated ginger

•½ cup milk or cream

•Salt and pepper to taste


Heat oil in a large pot on medium high heat add meat and salt and pepper brown meat. Remove meat and set aside (keep warm), add onions to same pot cook for 3 minutes then add spices cook for 1 minute. Add meat back to pot, add water to cover meat and simmer for 1 hour then add vegetables cook for ½ an hour, add milk and simmer for 20 minutes enjoy with rice or cornbread.

Try with:

Windhoek Lager or S.A.The Grinder Pinotage        Smaaklike ete!