Cyprus October 1

   Cyprus has loads of gorgeous beaches, a fabulous wine region and the UNESCO site The Tombs of the Kings. Cyprus shares the Island with Turkey and Nicosia is the capital and boast great museums, Kykkos Monastery and a wonderful shopping area ( actually a street) you will need a passport to get from one end…Read more »

South Korea August 15

    Jeju volcanic Island, Lava tubes and Mud Festivals Oh My ! Just tons of fun in South Korea. Try the epic nightlife in the downtown area of Seoul and then learn how to make Kimchi at the outdoor festival in Gwangiu honouring the cabbage, from visiting the Yongdong villages in the east to…Read more »

Argentina May 25

  Argentina, where the tango is always and everywhere. I visited Buenos Aires last year I have to say, the folks are friendly and meat is king. After you eat you should visit Teatro Colón a stunning Opera House, get your picture taken on the futuristic  bridge in Puente de la Mujer and you must visit old…Read more »

Philippine Phresh ! June 12

Did you know that the Spanish discovered the Philippines in 1521? and that Ferdinand Magellan would then colonize the country and I think that’s why so many filapino’s have Spanish last names, what do you think ? Well my Pancet with pork and shrimp is the farthest from anything Spanish LOL !   Try with a great…Read more »